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Copyright Trolls on YouTube

A short writeup discussing the presence of copyright trolls on platforms like Youtube.

Linking Graphics from Other Websites

A short writeup discussing a potential crime commited by many internet users.

Freebooting: Modern Copyright Infringement

A short writeup discussing a type of copyright infringement known as freebooting.

Homework & Copyrights

A short writeup discussing how homework could be considered as copyrightable material.

Opinion: should students’ right of freedom of speech be restricted on campus?

A short opinion piece discussing if free speech should be practiced in students residing in educational campuses.

Opinion: can online education be equalled to conventional classroom education?

A short opinion piece discussing the benefits of both online education and more traditional educational methods.

COVID-19 & Education

A short writeup discussing the post-coronavirus educational landscape.

Top 3 Free Certifications for Digital Marketing

Our selection of top free professional certifications for the field of digital marketing.

OpenWHO: Online Courses for Healthcare

A brief discussion into OpenWHO, a WHO educational initiative. 

Top Online Course Providers with free Certificates

Our choice of website that offer quality MOOCs for the year 2020. 

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