Top Online Course Providers with free Certificates

Written by Adithya Vikram Sakthivel

Saylor Academy

A non-profit initiative which provides free courses based on some of the most popular college courses offered by universities located in the United States. Additionally, they provide certain courses to nurture industry-related skills. Completion of these courses could be converted to college credits following an in-person proctored exam conducted by Saylor Academy, these exams usually cost around $25.


A selection of free quality courses offered by The Open University. Topics range from particle physics to clinical psychology. Students are provided with a certificate of completion following a successful completion of courses. Certain longer courses also provide certification badges following the completion of several short assessments.


An online platform for top universities to provide online courses with an objective to transform access to education. Although not all courses in their catalog is free, however, they do provide a vast collection of free short courses with certificates of completion.

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