Opinion: should students’ right of freedom of speech be restricted on campus?

Written by Adithya Vikram Sakthivel

When it comes to discussions pertaining to freedom of speech, many in the general public tend to forget that freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences. That being said, students residing in campuses should inherently have the same rights as the rest of the country said campus is located in (freedom of speech is dependent on local laws and customs.

It should go without saying, a lack of freedom of speech in educational institutes present in liberal democracies could inadvertently result in a feeling of hopelessness and chronic depression among students residing in the campuses these educational institutes. Additionally, it should be noted that it is the moral responsibility of these institutes to nurture and develop their students into responsible citizens, and freedom of speech is something that is required for such a desired output.

Despite all the notable and fundamental benefits of freedom of speech, there should still be consequences for any damage caused by students in the name of freedom of speech.

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