Linking Graphics from Other Websites

Written by Adithya Vikram Sakthivel

A common misconception in today's ever-connected internet dominated world is that one can link graphics on other sites without explicit permission, so they can display it on their sites. Despite being a common practice, this action is considered a crime as it violates universally accepted copyright laws.

A common excuse put forward by perpetrators of this practice is that they didn't download the graphic and host it from their server, however, it can be argued that this creates a bigger issue as not only are they utilizing someone's artistic work (which, by default as stated by copyright laws is always in favor of the creator since time of publication) without permission, but they're utilizing someone else's resources (in this case, a server) without permission, making it a bigger crime that at an initial glance.

In conclusion, its better for one to obtain necessary permission for using such images.

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