Opinion: can online education be equalled to conventional classroom education?

Written by Adithya Vikram Sakthivel

With all the recent updates pertaining to online education, it is no surprise that many have started to debate on the age-old comparison of conventional classroom education and online education. It should go without saying, both methods have their own distinct advantages.

Although considerably more expensive and requiring quite a lot of manpower when compared to alternative methods, traditional classroom education has a well-tested methodology with decades of fine-tuning. Additionally, this method of education is quite effective in speed of learning, if utilized for smaller groups of students as it is easier for an educator to focus on certain students and customize their teaching methods accordingly.

Online education has the clear advantage of lower operational cost and manpower, which can result in the overall reduction in collected fees by educational institutes, thereby educating those who would not necessarily get the opportunity if traditional methods had been followed. Additionally, the flexibility provided is unrivaled. However, it should be noted that this method requires considerable technical knowledge from the staff of educational institutes, and short-term training expenses might seem quite steep.

In conclusion, both methods of education have their own distinct advantages, and its not currently feasible to select one over the other.

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